The Wildest Party

The new Czech mega swingers command is everyone in one room! Enough getting to know one another its time for one more mass orgy. They stopped the parties for a while because they were getting way more attention than they wanted. After a couple of weekends without any news, everyone was getting anxious. But yesterday the message got to the older clients letting them know about the party that was held at the house that same night. They tried to keep it as low key as they could because the new guys were the ones that started talking and started all this mess in the first place.

Everyone got there in time and after a couple drinks, the host let everyone know that all the action was happening in the same room for everyone. They got the room ready as usual and waited for the actual party to start. They were so eager for some action that once they heard the host’s announcement they got down to business. There were clothes flying all over the place, chicks sucking dicks, threesomes, foursomes, you name it! Everything was happening on those mattresses! Everywhere you looked there was something happening. Hope you liked it as much as we did. See you next time for more hot updates so stay tuned we have something really special for our next czechmegaswingers update!


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