Czech Mega Swingers Video

Czech Mega Swingers did it again today! As promised we have a really special episode for you. Today you have the biggest group sex of all times! As you can see this night is all about youth with all these 18 years old teens, czech teens fighting for cocks. They’ve been passed around from one old guy to another. Everyone wants to get their hands on the sexy teens. The fight is so big that four guys ended up banging two teens, no need to say that all of their holes are occupied. But they aren’t the only ones there, so in this we are going to take on a tour of the place, to find out everything that goes down in the house.

Here you can find everything you want, Girls Out West blondes, brunettes, redheads, slim and curvy girls. Every type you could possibly want is here getting banged by complete strangers in the biggest swingers party. There’s action everywhere you look so no worries and enjoy it because you aren’t going to find something like this elsewhere. These Czech amateurs are the dirtier you could possibly find and they love making things interesting. The sexy teens spent the entire night jumping from one dick to another and you can see them in the hot video below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more juicy czechmegaswingers updates!

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The Wildest Party

The new Czech mega swingers command is everyone in one room! Enough getting to know one another its time for one more mass orgy. They stopped the parties for a while because they were getting way more attention than they wanted. After a couple of weekends without any news, everyone was getting anxious. But yesterday the message got to the older clients letting them know about the party that was held at the house that same night. They tried to keep it as low key as they could because the new guys were the ones that started talking and started all this mess in the first place.

Everyone got there in time and after a couple drinks, the host let everyone know that all the action was happening in the same room for everyone. They got the room ready as usual and waited for the actual party to start. They were so eager for some action that once they heard the host’s announcement they got down to business. There were clothes flying all over the place, chicks sucking dicks, threesomes, foursomes, you name it! Everything was happening on those mattresses! Everywhere you looked there was something happening. Hope you liked it as much as we did. See you next time for more hot updates so stay tuned we have something really special for our next czechmegaswingers update!


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Czech Mega Swingers Party

You already know how these czech mega swingers parties go. Free drinks, horny guys and loose girls in one house filled with cameras. This time we have three guys coming at their first orgy. After they mingled around for a bit they saw these smoking hot girls drinking and talking. After a few more drinks they finally had the balls to go to them and start talking. The girls had some experience so they didn’t mind at all going on their knees right there and starting to suck off their big dicks. This was their heaven! After they finished with their dicks the girls took them in the first room that was completely empty.

Then continued with riding their dicks like crazy, taking turns and trying out all of the guys. The sexy models couldn’t get enough of their hard dicks up their holes. The guys were lucky enough to find three open-minded chicks because they didn’t say no the entire night. They banged them in every position possible and by the end, they got to mixed it up a bit too!¬† So the guys could do anything they wanted with the smoking hot Czech Casting models in a room that was theirs. Nobody there bothering them and making them feel uncomfortable. Enjoy this one because you can only find it here!


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Czech Mass Orgy

When you thought that the Czech mega swingers party was over, there’s another one starting. Today we focus on these two besties trying out their first mass orgy. The girls kept on hearing about these insane orgies so the found out where the parties are held and went there one night to see what’s happening there. The girls had their fair share of crazy nights but nothing compared with this.

They were shocked at first seeing all those people fucking one next to another with no worry that they are being recorded the whole time. The host saw them and went with the magical tray to get the girls started. You can easily spot the newcomers, they are the only ones watching far away from all the action. After they had a couple of shots they started mingling in the room. They found these two guys checking them out so they went to them and the girls were finally feeling more confident. They started blowing their hard dicks and then the two horny hunks started banging the chicks in the middle of the room. The girls were so loud and everyone started looking at them, but they couldn’t care less. Click below to see what the girls did next and also stay tuned for more swingers updates!


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No Restraints

In this Czech mega swingers party, things went over the board once more. The hostess started the party with some shots and a little game to loosen the girls up a bit. She walked around with a tray with colorful glasses filled with different drinks. The girls had a choice, either drink a shot or take off their tops. Actually, the result was the same because you either take it off willingly or you got drunk and took it off out of fun. This was a pretty good game because most of the girls picked the shots so they were a big dizzy and that helped them loosen up, maybe more than some of them wanted to, but still, a great game.

After the girls got in the right mood the actual party began and you couldn’t stop them from riding dicks in front of everyone. They took off their clothes flaunting their perky tits and fine asses in front of the guys. The girls even started their own dick sucking contest and the guys were fighting for a place on the sofa waiting to get their dicks cleaned up by the horny amateurs. Like we said you have the best place so enjoy some of the hottest pics you ever saw! Until next time make sure you check out some of the older updates too!


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Last Night’s Orgy

It was a crazy long night, but no one seems tired and getting ready to go home. As time passes by the girls get wilder and wilder and they can’t get enough dicks. But after a couple of more drinks and fucks, a couple of girls left so the guys had to share. One of the girls had the best time out of everyone there. She always wanted to have her own bang gang and this was the perfect place to do it.There were way more guys that girls so she could pick the guys she liked.

She decided to start it off with three guys to see how things went. But as she was getting fucked while sucking off this guy’s dick other guys kept joining her group. Well, now we think she had more than enough dicks for her gang bang. One of her friends got a bit jealous of all the attention she was getting so she joined them too ready to get fucked by all the hunks in the middle of the room. Another great thing about these parties is that no one actually cares about the cameras and everyone minds their own business. What can we say? Another juicy update for you guys to enjoy!See you next time with more czechmegaswingers episodes!

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Czech Mega Swingers – Endless Party

Welcome back to another hot Czech mega swingers party! This really is an endless party, a party where you got the front seat. We try to make sure you don’t miss any of the endless action happening in the swinger’s house. Something is happening in that house no matter the day, there’s always someone fucking in there! We like it that each time we have newcomers to the party, spicing things up a bit for all of us. You already know the setting, huge room, floor covered with mattresses, no neighbors around to mess things up, so everything is set up for all the action.

Our new Czech girls were a bit shy at first and needed a second to understand everything that happens around here. Their boyfriends didn’t have any problems adjusting to it all and were already banging some random chicks. Seeing that gave the girls the impulse they needed to start. The girls went to the only free guys in the room and without saying a word they started sucking off their dicks and then riding them like there’s no tomorrow. This was only the beginning of the night for them and they start it the right way! They sure enjoyed their ride and their guys enjoyed it too. With each episode, things just get hotter and hotter and luckily for you guys we have all the pictures to prove it. Enjoy!

Czech Mega Swingers-Endless Party

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Swinger Paradise

For this one, we have all the couples in the same room, a big white room with mattresses all over the floor. It way more easy to get it all on camera this way. As you know before we had people all over the house and with all that action in each room it was really hard to follow everyone. But now with everyone in one room, there are so many pussies, you can see one everywhere you look. The guys couldn’t wait to test the girls out and to finish the entire room.

As usual, there were a few teens around the room, a couple of housewives so you can pick whatever works for you. After teasing them with guys with their amazing curves they got down to business. The girls started taking turns on getting her pussies drilled as they were blowing one guy’s dick, while others took dicks up both of their holes. We have some amazing footage for you guys, some really good close ups to get you right in the middle of all the action. Like we said it before you just can’t find sluttier girls than these Czech amateurs. These girls are up to literally everything as you already saw in these insane orgies. Click here to see them in action in the latest update and don’t forget to stay tuned for more horny chicks getting fucked by everyone. See you next time with another great¬†czechmegaswingers episode!

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Swingers Party

We know that a lot is happening in these Czech mega swingers parties so this night we are are going to focus on only one chick. This is her first party and her man convinced her to join him. He came here as often as he could but this is actually the first time they came together. It didn’t bother her knowing that he was fucking other chicks so she always turned down his invites because it never was her thing. Well, he made such a big case out of it that she had to say yes to it, to avoid upsetting him even more.

The curvy brunette got there but it was a bit too much for her so she had a few drinks to get her in the right mood. While she was having her drink she got surrounded by guys because everyone wanted to bang some fresh meat. The best part of these swingers orgies was that didn’t involve too much talking because once you were there is was pretty clear for you came. Although she didn’t really wanted to come she ended up with three guys taking turns on banging her juicy pussy. She was enjoying herself so much that she completely forgot that she didn’t came alone. This was her first time but hopefuly it won’t be her last. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more swingers video updates!


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Czech Swingers

These Czechmegaswingers amateurs are at their first party and it was a hell of a party. The girls heard about these wild parties so they thought to give it a try. They couldn’t believe that things can get that wild! The girls got the message with the address and once they got there they saw what everyone was talking about, everyone was fucking all over the place. They saw girls taking turns on riding dicks while other’s were busy blowing dicks. The girls took a quick tour of the house to see what’s happening but the action was the same, the only difference were the people and the room.

This was the wildest orgy they ever saw. The girls went to another room, there were two couples and decided to start their fuck adventure there. The girls undressed and joined the party. So while their girls were busy pleasing one another, the slutty teens started taking turns on riding their dicks right in front of their girlfriends. Everyone is so open minded is surreal! The girls couldn’t believe how calm their girlfriends were seeing their men fucking other chicks. But that was only the beginning because the girls continued their night room by room getting fucked until they cleared the entire house. This was their first but definitely won’t be the last one, that’s for sure, not after the night they had here. It was everything they heard and so much more. So click here to see them in action!

Czech Swingers

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