No Restraints

In this Czech mega swingers party, things went over the board once more. The hostess started the party with some shots and a little game to loosen the girls up a bit. She walked around with a tray with colorful glasses filled with different drinks. The girls had a choice, either drink a shot or take off their tops. Actually, the result was the same because you either take it off willingly or you got drunk and took it off out of fun. This was a pretty good game because most of the girls picked the shots so they were a big dizzy and that helped them loosen up, maybe more than some of them wanted to, but still, a great game.

After the girls got in the right mood the actual party began and you couldn’t stop them from riding dicks in front of everyone. They took off their clothes flaunting their perky tits and fine asses in front of the guys. The girls even started their own dick sucking contest and the guys were fighting for a place on the sofa waiting to get their dicks cleaned up by the horny amateurs. Like we said you have the best place so enjoy some of the hottest pics you ever saw! Until next time make sure you check out some of the older updates too!


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